About me
My name is Jack Ord Rasmussen. I am a master of science in IT Product Development living in Aarhus, Denmark. I have made the things on this website. I have also made this website.
BLOX - an mp3 player concept
Aarhus University

An individual project to create a concept for an mp3 player. All 3D work was done in Rhino with the V-Ray renderer. Drawings, poster etc. were made using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

An A2 sized poster was made for the exam presentation (pdf).

Keywords: 3D modelling, Rhino, V-ray, Photoshop, sketching, project communication.
Music Monster - a music player for kids
Aarhus University

A group project building a physical music player for children. An RFID reader enables it to play music when fed with RFID tags. Phidgets embedded in the monster allows the user to adjust the volume, pause the song and change the pitch. Built with prototype hard foam and programmed in Flash (AS3).

Keywords: Flash, physical design, RFID, Phidgets.
3d modelling and animation
Aarhus University

A group project to create a 3d model and animation of an interactive installation in the city. Models, lighting effects and animation were created in 3ds Max using the Mental Ray renderer. Textures were digitally hand drawn based on photos and added using UVW mapping. Biped animation was used to make characters walk and dance.

Keywords: 3d modelling, animation, 3ds Max, Mental Ray, UVW.
Interactive museum exhibition
Aarhus University, Aarhus Natural History Museum

Bachelor project on tangible user interfaces. A two man project to create an interactive museum exhibition in collaboration with the Natural History Museum in Aarhus. We identified requirements through interviews and context studies and provided the concept and technical solution. The museum built the wooden installation and handled the animal bones. The installation became a permanent part of the museum.

RFID tags embedded in a sheep skeleton and a scanner allow visitors to identify the correct position of the bone and assemble it like a jigsaw. Scanning a bone highlights it on the display.

A paper of the project was accepted and presented at the Student Interaction Design Research (SIDeR) conference 2012 in Copenhagen.

Keywords: Tangible interaction, museum exhibitions, RFID, Flash, context studies, Phidgets, UX, prototyping.
Cake Tank - a Unity3D game with custom controllers
Aarhus University

A group project to create a game in Unity3D for a 3d cinema. The game is played cooperatively by two players. The players use separate custom controllers made with Phidgets. 3d models were made in 3ds Max.

A version of the game that uses a keyboard was made for the Unity web player.

Keywords: Unity3D, game development, 3d, Phidgets, 3d modelling, 3ds Max.
Mobile web app prototype
Aarhus University

An individual project to gain more insight into the design and development of mobile interfaces. A prototype of a recipe web app was developed with jQuery Mobile.

Keywords: Mobile, jQuery Mobile, HTML, CSS, UI, wireframes.
LinkFit - web app and physical prototype
Eindhoven University of Technology

An individual project with the topic of motivating the elderly to be more active. User and context studies were carried out at a living complex for the elderly in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. A prototype was developed using jQuery Mobile on a tablet, Arduino components, an RFID reader, a hacked Kindle and polymorph plastic.

A paper of the project was accepted and presented at the Student Interaction Design Research (SIDeR) 2013 conference. The project was awarded the EU funded DEVICE award for "excellence for designing for vulnerable generations".

Keywords: Health, Arduino, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery Mobile), Flash, e-paper, RFID, polymorph plastic, context and user studies.
The Heart Game - tablet app for heart patients
Aarhus University, Aalborg University, hospitals, patients

Master thesis project with one other student to explore the use of technology and gamification for heart patients. Extensive user and context studies were carried out through workshops, focus groups, interviews, and observations with patients, their relatives and healthcare professionals.

A prototype web/Android application was developed for tablets and evaluated by ten patients in Northern Jutland for a two week period with positive results.

The application ran as a web application (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP) within a native Android app and data was saved in a MySQL database.

Keywords: Healthcare, gamification, Android, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, PHP, MySQL, user and context studies.
Robob - a 3d platform game
A 3d platformer developed in Unity3D with 3d models made in 3ds Max.

The game won the Unity3D ”Robot Game Design Contest” 2012 for students sponsorered by Studica and Unity3D.

Keywords: Game development, Unity3D, 3d modelling.
Drawing and graphic design
I enjoy drawing and creating graphic designs, both on paper and digitally. Above are some examples of my work.
Java programming
Aarhus University, Eindhoven University of Technology

I have taken several university courses in Java and have a lot of hands-on experience with the language. Projects include:
  • A social network with profiles, friend and messaging system using GWT (Google Web Toolkit).
  • A battery efficient movement detection and GPS tracking Android application.
  • A peer-to-peer network built from the ground up.
  • A pervasive positioning system to calculate indoor positions from WiFi data.
  • An intelligent LEGO Mindstorms (leJos Java firmware) rock-paper-scissors playing robot using a custom play algorithm.
About me
Interactive museum exhibition, RFID, Flash
Gamification, healthcare, Android, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
Web app, HTML, CSS, jQuery Mobile, Arduino, RFID
3d modelling
RFID, physical design, Flash
Web app, HTML, CSS, jQuery Mobile, UI
Unity3D, game development, 3d modelling
3d modelling, animation
Unity3D, game development, 3d modelling
Drawing, sketching, Photoshop